Snap. Eat. Run. – Why?

Why am I here ?

I am passionate about many things – my family, my faith, sewing and crafting, decorating my home, exercise, cooking – you get the idea.  For the last few years, I have blogged about all of them. I’ve decided  that now is the time to narrow my focus. 

Snap. Eat. Run. is a place for me to narrow down the madness and zero-in on the three things I find most fulfilling and always find myself coming back to a photography, eating, and  running.


Photography is a relatively old habit. I was five years old when my parents first gave me a little Kodak 110 camera. The camera was barely bigger than the film itself. You flipped a small, rectangular viewfinder up to frame the photo. I loved it. I was given more cameras through the years, and I adored them all. I was the kid who had to take ten rolls of film on a weekend retreat, or to band camp, or on vacation. Developing that film was almost like Christmas morning.

In college, I switched to video – majoring in broadcast communication. Still, I preferred the view through a lens. As a complete fluke, or goof by my advisor, I needed one art elective to graduate after my last full semester. I chose a photography course. For three weeks, five days a week, eight hours a day, I ate, drank, and breathed photography. I’m afraid my friends probably forgot what my face looked like without my dad’s old Canon AE1 in front of it. I fell in love all over again.

Over the years, I’ve lost some of the mechanics of taking a completely manual shot, but I am slowly working my way back. I plan to do a 52 week photo project this year and share the photos with you. Please bear with me. While I dearly love and enjoy taking photos, they will most certainly be a work in progress.


Eating is an old habit as well. I’ve been doing it since the day I was born. Ba-dum, ching! I’ll be here all week. My eating habits seem to come and go in cycles. I’ll buckle down and eat healthy for a month or two. A busy week (or month) will hit, and all of that hard work goes out the window. I am searching for middle ground, and I’ve decided to document my progress here.


The last thing I’ll be blogging about is running. I’m fairly new to running. I began about a year and a half ago in a desperate attempt to shed two kids’ worth of leftover baby weight. When I started, I hated to run. If you’d ask me, I would have told you, “I only run when chased.” Before long, I was hooked. I liked the results, and I feel so much better when I’m running. This year, I’d like to train and run a half marathon. This will be a place to keep track of my progress and hold myself accountable to that goal.
There you have it, the lengthy explanation for Snap. Eat. Run. I hope you enjoy yourself, and I look forward to becoming friends.

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